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    Company Profile
    CHENGDU ZAY MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is located at the 1203, No.98 Guanghua North Third Rd,Qingyang District,Chengdu 610015 China, where the climate is pleasant, the environment is beautiful, the traffic is convenient, and the resources are abundant, it is the economic and cultural center of western China. 
    The history of Zay machinery enterprise could be traced in three decades ago, when Ph.D Zhang Zhiguo & Ph.D Yang Chengyun were working in Sichuan University mechanics institute. One is for die casting research and the other is for hydraulic machinery. And they were later becoming the co-founders of Zay machinery enterprise. That is also where the name “Zay” came from, representing “Zhang And Yang”- the name of the founders. The first factory was established in 2005 only for aluminum die casting production for domestic market, we’ve gradually expanded our business scope. The main market is Europe. And now, Zay machinery enterprise has become to be a comprehensive strength casting company. 
    Die casting is our key business since the very beginning, accounting for about 70% of our business amount. We mainly focused on automotive industry. Producing aluminum die casting parts for auto alternator, auto starters, auto pumps, auto gear box, electrical engine covers. Etc. We are also able to do various customized parts for different applications, such as cookware parts, LED housing, door/window handles, electronic device covers, electricity power fittings etc. Our main die casting parts industry: automotive, lighting, tools, electronics, furniture, etc. Main casting materials: aluminum, zinc, magnesium and ductile iron,, etc.
    We can supply ONE-STOP service to customers from casting, machining to surface treatment. Time and cost will be saved for you.
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